Smokestack is a small local Blues band, mainly based in East Sussex, that plays every Sunday night at the Green Door Store in Brighton. A true hidden gem, you will not find crowds of people at the door queuing, but just the most loyal ones!

Thanks to this band I totally fell in love with Blues, and most importantly, with the act of dancing!


If you like their style, check their album ‘Originals’ on Spotify!

Alternatively, why don’t you pop by and shake your hips a bit with their music? It helped me to start every week full of positive energy 🙂

On a side note, the last thing I did before leaving England was to go and dance once more with their music. That day I was lucky enough to get to speak to them personally and make them aware of how grateful I was to them. They’re proper musicians who truly love their music!


Find the way

Brighton. 7pm. Typical local pub. Sitting beside me a group of strangers speaking about travelling the world.

I cannot help it, I need to ask them! – ‘How did you do it?’

He smiles and says:

– ‘Find the way.’

At first I did not understand: ‘Way? Which way?’

– ‘Just find your way.’

Almost three years have passed since that, and now I fully understand what he meant. And he was right.

There is always a way to reach your goals. Just pursue it. Walk your own path, and remember that the path itself is as important as the destination.

Have fun and learn along the way. Keep your focus on the goal, but keep your eyes wide-open and do not forget to look to the sides every now and then, the unknown and the unexpected are what makes life exciting!