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About Me

Hello there! I’m Fernando, nice to meet you – please do take a seat!

Madrid born and bred, 7 years go I decided to leave my home country seeking new horizons, ending up in beautiful and inspiring Brighton (UK) where I spent three years until I took off again to backpack the world. This was the start of a two-year trip across countries and continents, settling down for a year in stunning New Zealand – a country where I developed a closer connection to Nature and decided to re-steer my professional career into Sustainability.

These days I am very lucky to live in the mountains in Mid-Wales, involved in various sustainability projects, as well as studying an MSc in “Sustainable Food and Natural Resources” at the ‘Centre for Alternative Technology’,

Mission Statement

I work tirelessly for a better world where social and environmental justice become the bedrocks of today’s society, guided by a strong moral compass in which values such as integrity, authenticity and equality underpin all my actions. I am passionate about inspiring others to live more environmentally sound lifestyles, aiming for a genuine shift in values where these become intrinsic and embedded, as opposed to extrinsic and forced upon. I believe that a multidisciplinary approach is needed to tackle the challenges that we are currently facing, and therefore I contribute in as many ways as I can – from getting my hands dirty in the soil, to environmental activism, storytelling, social photography or through bringing my technical expertise to the table. Simply put, my life’s mission is to sow seeds – seeds of plants and seeds of inspiration and change.

About this blog

Just a personal little project, a place to share what inspires me, makes me grow and smile deeply and, most importantly, what ultimately shapes me as a human being.

Hopefully, you will resonate with some of my stories and, together, we will create an ‘Inspiration Chain Reaction’.

I wish you all an inspiring, colourful and enriching day!


Feel free to drop me a line on fernando@thatknowinglook.com 🙂

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