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About Me

Hello there! I’m Fernando, please do take a seat!

Madrid born and bred, decided to fly away seeking fresh air and landed in beautiful and inspiring Brighton (UK), where I spent three years until I took off again to backpack the world.

This was the start of a two-year-trip across many countries and continents, settling down for a year in stunning New Zealand – a place that taught me so much, and brought me closer to Nature.

These days I am very lucky to live in the forest in Wales, being part of a fascinating project called ‘The Centre for Alternative Technology’.

Passionate about life and curious about mostly everything I bump into. I regard myself as genuine, honest and kind.

My main goal in life is to bring smiles and inspiration to people’s lives, as well as to encourage them to pursue their dreams and potentials.

About this blog

Just a personal little project, a place to share what inspires me, what makes me grow, what makes me deeply smile and say YES!, and most importantly, what ultimately shapes me as a human being.

Hopefully you will resonate with some of my stories, and we will create together an Inspiration Chain Reaction.

I wish you all an inspiring, colourful and enriching day!


Feel free to drop me a line on fernando@thatknowinglook.com 🙂

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